We have provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions to make it easy for you to design Your Dream Ring. If you can’t find answers to your questions here please contact us.


Q: Doesn’t a custom piece of jewelry cost more than a mass produced piece of jewelry?

A: Yes, it’s true, when a manufacturer produces more of a specific item, the cost is less. Now take into account who the manufacturer sells it to. First, the manufacturer sells it to the wholesaler for X amount of dollars which includes the manufacturer’s profit. Next, the wholesaler labels it with their own brand name and sells it to the retailer for XX amount of dollars which now includes the manufacturers and wholesalers profit. Finally, the retailer sells it to the consumer (You) for XXX amount of dollars which now includes the manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers profit; forcing you to pay hundreds if not thousands more than you should have to. Lucky for you Your Dream Ring is a jewelry design and manufacture company who is willing to work direct to give you what you want at an unbeatable price. Contact us today to receive a quote!


Q: What kind of warranty comes with my new jewelry design?

A: All jewelry created by Your Dream Ring comes with a 3-year no hassle warranty on manufacture defects. We feel 3 years is plenty of time for any defects to be discovered and corrected.


Q: Can I return or exchange my new jewelry design?

A: At Your Dream Ring you have two opportunities to correct any concerns you see with the design; your first opportunity is when you receive realistic, multi-angle pictures of your design. Your second opportunity is when you receive a 3D model of your design to try on and inspect. This review system eliminates any unwanted surprises, as such we do not accept returns or exchanges.


Q: Can I send in my unwanted jewelry and diamonds to be used as credit towards my new jewelry design?

A: Yes you can! We know saving money is very important and we do all we can to help you save. We also encourage you to try other means of selling your jewelry.


Q: Can I send in my center diamond or gem to be used in my new jewelry design?

A: Yes you can! We only ask that you do not send multiple, small, and different sized diamonds or gems to be used in your new jewelry design. If you insist because they are a family heirloom, we can do so, but cost will increase.


Q: Do you sell center diamonds and gems?

A: Yes we do and at competitive prices! Let us know what you are looking for and we will get back to you with availability and price.


Q: What quality side diamonds do you use?

A: We use very clean and near colorless side diamonds; G to H in color and SI1 to VS2 in clarity to be exact. We can use higher or lower quality diamonds at your request or if we feel that the side diamonds may conflict with your center diamond quality.